FIFTH OF JULY, The Pear Avenue Theatre, Mountainview

“Aunt Sally is both eccentric and down to earth, and she and Wes find they have some common interests as Wes, a drugged-out hippie demonstrate a peculiar, and unexpected, breadth of knowledge. Power plays the matriarch who's in touch with what's important.  She's eccentric given Sally has been carrying her husband's ashes around in a candy box for a year, but she's also in touch with her character's feelings and motivations.  Her monologues are well timed as she delivers them in her own space away from the other action.” —Ande Jacobson: A Good Reed Review,

“There was some talent to feast on for sure.  A very pleasant part of this play was in fact the acting, which didn't feel like acting at all.  I was struck with their natural style.  All of them. The characters possessed a realistic tone, pacing was appropriate and the ensemble did a great job of being, for lack of a better work, believable.  From volume to comfort on the stage and with each other, they were very real.” —Susannah Greenwood: Artsalot,

COLLECTED STORIES, Stage Werx, San Francisco

“So much is right with this production.  Carolyn Power can do more with a quivering upper lip and slightly furrowed brow than anyone I've seen in a long time.  The last scene of the second act was so overwhelming, it was a relief to see her bounding back on stage intack, with a beaming smile for the curtain call.  Likewise, Morrison's eagerness to please coupled with an easy disingenuousness makes us wish she'd hurry up and grow up, while at the same time we smile perhaps at our younger selves.” —Cy Ashley Web: StarkInsider,

“It's a pleasure seeing Carolyn Power and Loring Williams working together to bring this fine script to life.  Essential Productions is their own company and COLLECTED STORIES the kick-off performance.” —Jim Strope: The Examiner, San Francisco, California

TOP GIRLS, Ross Valley Players, Ross Valley, California

“Pope Joan (Carolyn Power of San Francisco) has amusing storylines and facial gestures that provide comic relief.” —Cari Lynn Pace: Ross Valley Reporter, Ross Valley, California

THE CLEAN HOUSE, Woman's Will, Buriel Clay Theater, San Francisco & Gaia, Berkeley

“....Ana from Argentina (Carolyn Power who wears her part like a glove......” —Ken Bullock: The Berkeley Planet, Berkeley, California

“Carolyn Power is dynamite as Ana, the Argentine whirlwind who enters the somewhat unhappy and stuck lives of the other characters.” —Ken Bullock: The Berkeley Planet, Berkeley, California

PETER AND WENDY, Town Hall Theatre, Lafayette

“The magic continues as Mrs. Darling, played perfectly by Carolyn power, the narrator of the play, introduces us to…all the characters who live in Barrie’s land of make-believe world, in Never Land.” —Charles Jarrett: Rossmoor News, Walnut Creek California

THE GINGERBREAD LADY, Dragon Theatre, Palo Alto

"Carolyn Power offers the evening’s best performance as gal pal Toby, in a scene addressing her own marriage meltdown.” —John Angel Grant, Palo Alto Daily News

“Carolyn Power is outstanding as Toby, who is determined never to be old by using a lot of make-up. Her second act dissertation on her life is well done." —Richard Connema, Talking Broadway

“…..strong performances from actors playing Evy’s best friends. Carolyn Power is the self-absorbed, fading beauty Toby Landau…..Power breaks you up in one long piece of dialogue where she narrates her transition from attractive and desirable high school beauty to the middle-age realization that no amount of cosmetic aid will preserve a beautiful, fading flower.” —Keith Kreitman, Inside Bay Area

“ Gagen and Power turn in polished performances as Evy’s friends Jimmy and Toby. Each of them arrives at the birthday party with a tale of woe, and their back-to-back rants are the comic high point of the show.” —Kevin Kirby, Palo Alto Online

“……both Power and Gagen give us complex, likable characters that predate the pop wisdom of language like ‘enablers’…….in a scene with long speeches and crying that Power handles deftly.” —Marianne Messina, Metroactive

ROMEO AND JULIET, Woman’s Will, the all-female Shakespeare Company

“Carolyn Power’s comic Nurse holds the stage.” —Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“Her nurse, (an amusingly garrulous Carolyn Power) explaining to Juliet what’s befallen her lover winds up being the most affecting scene.” —Sam Hurwitt, East Bay Express

“…superb performances by Carolyn Power as the Nurse….” —Leslie Katz, The Examiner


rave reviews

Carolyn Power can do more with a quivering lip and slightly furrowed brow...
—Cy Ashley Web, StarkInsider

Aunt Sally is both eccentric and down to earth..the matricarch who's in touch with what's important...her feelings and motivations...
—Ande Jacobson, A Good Reed Review

Carolyn Power is dynamite as Ana, the Artentine whirlwind.....
—Ken Bullock, The Berkeley Planet