My passionate love of stage, screen and voice over keeps me continuously training and striving to grow. Noted as an actor with "instant credibility," "depth" and emotion that "breaks you up," audiences take to my warmth and powerful presence. Critics applaud my ability to "hold the stage." I draw inspiration from the greatest playwright of all times, Shakespeare, and from contemporary writers whose characters challenge my growth as a human being.




rave reviews

Carolyn Power can do more with a quivering lip and slightly furrowed brow...
—Cy Ashley Web, StarkInsider

Aunt Sally is both eccentric and down to earth..the matricarch who's in touch with what's important...her feelings and motivations...
—Ande Jacobson, A Good Reed Review

Carolyn Power is dynamite as Ana, the Artentine whirlwind.....
—Ken Bullock, The Berkeley Planet